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What Is My IP?

“What Is My IP” is a very simple tool allows you to check your IP at any time, using this service.

An IP address is a unique identifier for your computer when it connects to the internet. An IP Address or Internet Protocol Address refers to a set of numbers that is assigned to a computer network that uses Internet Protocol for sending and receiving data.

Once you have identified the IP address of an internet user, you can quickly get an idea of where they are located geographically; Country, State/Region, City (within a 25-mile radius), zip code, time zone, and status of IP address that you have entered.

Why is IP geolocation needed?

A very useful tool if you use VPN, just to make sure your ip is masked, also you can get more information about your IP for example what country, city and even what ISP, be aware that every website knows this information about you, its very important to know what they know.

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